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Co-Founder & Coach

Fall down seven times, stand up eight...

Over the last 10+ years of Corporate Career in HR I've become passionate about supporting people and I've connected to what I believe is my greatest passion: helping everyone getting "unstuck". That's how I came to Coaching.

Married, 2 kids (10, 17). In life, I've overcome different challenges (economical, work-related, shift in career, personal struggles). Thanks to them I've become stronger and I've grown exponentially, learning to love myself for who I am. However it took me so much time and energy because I was on my own. The difference that I've seen since discovering coaching is tremendous, the progress has been constant, fast and incredibly fulfilling.

After years of pondering, I completed a Coach Masters Academy Certification as Transformative Coach, and I'm now excited to support people in their own journey toward their true selves and in discovering their full potential.​

With an empathetic but honest approach and a transformative process, I partner with individuals and teams helping them align their actions to their needs and wants.

Co-Founder & Coach

There is no better learning than your own experience… ​

And I trully believe that. As a person and as a professional, I have faced different experiences, I developed, I learned, I enjoyed but I was also overwhelmed, stuck, afraid, less confident, confused and as strange as it may seem, those challenges are the ones who served me the most. ​

After 10 years working in HR, I have decided to make a career pivot towards coaching. Why? Because I love supporting people in developing their human potential. I am currently finalizing my second level of coaching training with Coach Masters Academy, which will open my path towards the ICF accreditation.

My coaching style is transformative. I support people to detach from the facts and go deeper. To understand how their feeling - thinking - and doing is related to the situation. I support people to unleash their potential and take steps towards their goals. As this is a process, a minimum of 3 sessions are recommended for a more meaningful exploration.  ​

Co-Founder & Coach

Life is found between your deepest desire and your greatest fear. 

Best way to describe me is: curious with big appetite and with a lot of energy. My goal for this life is to be able to discover and reach the maximum of my  capacities and to be the best version of me! I help hyperactive people to "tame" their FOMO, uncover their inner limiting beliefs, self-doubts, fears and work through them so they can thrive. 

I am an educator by studies working the past 6 years in an international environment as a Communications Expert & PMO. I am graduated from the Coach Masters Academy as a Professional Transformational Coach, working on the ICF accreditation (PCC). ​

As a transformational coach, I am using the Awareness- Clarity – Choice method. It helps to expand the thinking capacity of the client through a thought-provoking way, creating a dialog and building partnership between them. The ACC framework help people to experience a powerful shift in their thinking, by raising awareness, creating deep learning and using this emerging understanding to move forward.

Social Media Assistant

She is Greek and she is based in Kavala! She is an educator, she loves anything marvel related and she speaks 3 languages.

The voice

The youngest, by far, member of the team! She gives her soothing voice to the Start Me UP Programme. 

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