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Being passionate about your work is great! Sometimes though is difficult to keep the balance between working & private life. Highly achieving people tend to push themselves more & more. But when is this "more" enough? 
Working in fast paced environment can cause a lot of competition, stress and anxiety if people are not aware and attentive. DO NOT WORRY though, WE ARE HERE FOR YOU! 

  • Are you a busy bee?
  • Do you work too many hours & still work is not done?
  • Do you want to give more at work, but you are drained?
  • Do you really feel you need to balance your life?
  • Are you a self-development enthusiast?
  • Do you love to have FUN?

Before the "Start Me UP"

Worn off - Multitasking - Overwhelmed - Stressed - Not pleased with yourself - Time is against you 

After the "Start Me UP"

Relaxed - Balanced - In control - Aware - Conscious - Confident - Time is on your side 

Take a sneak peek on how it works

It only takes less than 10' of your time, everyday, to build the strong muscle! Yes... you heard me right! Less than 10' each day! 

⬅️  Take a look at the APP! See how it works the programme, the weekly focuses, the journaling and the community! 


SMU - 7 Weeks Programme:  Achieve More with Less


Week 1 - Set your MindSelf

Learn to unlearn. Your mindset influences how you think, feel, and behave in any given situation. You will be setting yourself up for SUCCESS.

Week 2 - Biteable Growth

Habits make up to 40% of our Daily Behaviors! You can set them right to make “good choices” automatically.

Week 3 - One Tiny Habit

The secret of taking small steps and improve by 1%. Repetition is the mother of HABIT!

Week 4 - Do MORE with LESS

Who said that you have to put in long hours? Learning a better way of working, with the 4T (tools, techniques, tips & tricks)

Week 5 - ME, Myself & I

Being kinder to yourself will increase your confidence, your happiness, and will set the tone to how others treat you. You will learn how to do it, without feeling weird.

Week 6 - I’d rather say NO

By saying “yes” to everything, you are saying “no” to something important to you. Get more time for you with clear boundaries.

Week 7 - Don’t stop me now

Are you afraid that this will fade as anything you learned?
By applying our principles on keeping momentum and discipline, this will become part of who you ARE.

The 7 weeks programme & exclusive bonuses are
Now available on limited time offer!




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