And what we learned on how to pivot successfully as a Coach

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It can be difficult to pivot successfully, change niche or our approach as a Coach… We are often so passionate about our work and have a strong desire to help our clients succeed and this can make it difficult for us to change.

So when we feel stuck or not progressing as we wanted, it’s hard for us to step back and understand that maybe it’s really time to pivot. We get attached to a product or type of client, and it’s hard to let them go. Here are some of the things that as a Coach you may face, and that we faced multiple times during our 3 years of Entrepreneurship:

Despite these challenges, pivoting can be a great way for coaches to grow their businesses and reach more people. As you evolve and grow as a Coach, your business and coaching will shift, evolve, change, and that’s not only ok, but necessary for you to thrive.

If you are a Coach and you’re considering pivoting, keep reading.

Pivoting can be a big decision, but it can also be a rewarding one. We started with a coaching platform, shifted to a training program run as a cohort, made that self-paced and pivoted again to providing affordable Coaching Services to Companies and then adding a new program focused on helping Newly Certified Coaches kick-start their coaching business.

If you’re considering how to successfully pivot as a Coach…

… here is what we learned:

If you are considering pivoting, we suggest starting from the basics again. Who do you want to work with? Once you know that, build your crystal clear message for them.

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