The Science of Authenticity: Why It’s Crucial for Coaching Success

And how being yourself will help you be more successful For us, authenticity is not just a buzzword; it’s a cornerstone of how we work. We all have our quirks, and we are not afraid to show up with our vulnerabilities, emotions, and full selves. Being ourselves, for us, is a superpower. What is authenticity, […]

Why Should You Invest in Yourself as a New Coach?

Building your toolkit and investing in yourself is crucial for your business growth As a newly certified coach, you’ve likely already invested a good amount of money in your education and in getting certified, so you did indeed invest in yourself. Spending more money can feel daunting and not the right thing to do. We […]

The Power of Saying No: Why Choosing the Right Fit Matters in Coaching

And 3 reasons why it’s crucial to decline working with some people In the realm of coaching, the significance of saying “no” to individuals who aren’t the right fit cannot be overstated. As coaches, our primary goal is to guide, empower, and support our clients towards achieving their goals. As a coach, we’ve learned that […]

Build a Supportive Community When Starting a Coaching Business

And 5 ways you can do so while also building your coaching business When we started our coaching business, we had a very hard time within our “circles”. Not everyone in our lives supported us in our new journey of building something from zero. Some people envied us because they never had the courage to […]

5 Reasons Not To Give Up as a Coach, Even When It’s Hard

It’s always the Darkest Before Dawn: it will get worse before getting better, so you shouldn’t give up as a coach One of the darkest moments for GrowthUP was just before we started the new CoachUP Programme, when we wanted to give up as Coaches. At that point, we had been doing this for 1,5 […]

Don’t Make the Mistake of Thinking Coaching is Just About Coaching

Learn the non-coaching skills needed to build your Coaching Business Many people think that owning a coaching business is just about coaching clients; we thought so too! However, nothing could be further from the truth. As we have learned in the last three years, coaching requires a wide range of skills and knowledge. The sooner […]

Our Cautionary Tale: Get the Right Coaching Clients from the Start

Avoid making the same mistakes we did when we started our Coaching Business and get the right coaching clients We were the Newly Certified Coach, the one eager to start and have an impact on the world, helping people and making money in the process. But then we started to struggle to find clients, and […]